Booth Re-launching: Primavera Residences

booth-relaunching-SM-italpinasEach developer has its own way of marketing their projects. Be it on the internet or what they call online marketing, advertising through newspapers, posters and billboards. But one of the old known ways in promoting and is still effective is through booth manning.

Manning is one of the most practiced ways of real estate brokers and agents when it comes to finding prospect buyers. It is also a way for developers to further promote their projects. With booth manning, it attracts more clients because of the booths that they are placing in different locations.

Developers here in Cagayan de Oro City usually sets up their booth in malls, sites and banks. Just like any other developers, Italpinas Inc. have its own booth also. Recently, Italpinas Inc. had a re-launching of their booth at SM City. It was held last 25th of April at Primavera Residences’ booth in SM. In the said event, staffs of booth-relaunching-SM-primaveraItalpinas Inc., real estate brokers and agents and guests from smart telecom were present. Local television personalities and magazine writers joined in the event also.

This booth re-launching was another marketing strategy for Italpinas Inc. To further promote their product which is Primavera Residences, they have made a move to refurbish their booth in order to attract more prospect buyers. Congratulations to Italpinas Inc. for this big move that they have made.


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