RPM and HPCC: Huddle up!

rpm-team-buildingIt’s not a secret that behind a successful company are the people working behind it. It’s true that two heads are better than one. One person can’t work alone in making the company successful. It must have two or more heads to be able to build a better company. With many heads working, the more ideas it can contribute to continually grow and prosper a certain company.

In RPM Realty and HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation, it’s no secret anymore that these companies owe its success to the minds working behind it. These minds are from the leaders and workers of RPM Realty and HPCC. As a growing company, team cooperation and camaraderie are important in a company’s prosperity. We all know that each person have different personalities and attitude. And for different personalities to have unity, being cooperative with one another is a must. For it to achieve, team building is a must. In team building we can see each person’s capabilities; ability in working with other people with different personalities.

coin-logo-rpm-team-buildingTo further build the good camaraderie and relationship of RPM agents and HPCC staffs; a team building activity was conducted. It was last February 6 and 7 that the RPM Realty agents together with HPCC staffs had an overnight team building activity at Duka Bay Resort. In the activity, a lot of exercises and games were prepared for the agents and staffs. Each games and exercises have their own goal and lesson to learn.

The Life Highlights exercise was an individual activity where in they were asked to write down the most memorable moments of their life; and then choose among the unforgettable moments that they want to relive for 30 seconds. After the Life Highlights, the participants were asked to group according to their department. They were tasked to do the Coin Logo exercise where in they made a logo that represents their department using the things that they have with them. Cry for help, Carry me through and Work it together were the next exercises given where in the participants were group into two. These challenges tested each group’s strength, agility and teamwork. The last task called the-tree-team-buildingThe Tree was the most challenging of all activities; how would you fit 18 persons in a one 30×30 tile? Impossible as it may seem but they’ve managed to accomplish the task. The said exercise really tested the patience of each person. It also tested the team’s cooperation and camaraderie. There were moments wherein some wanted to give up already but with the encouragement of the others who wanted to finish the challenge, the group was able to accomplish it; though it took them until around three in the morning to finish it.

The team building activity has indeed taught the participants a lot of lesson in different aspects of life. It has molded them physically, emotionally, mentally and most of all spiritually. Spiritually; in a sense that before the start of all the activities, the word of the Lord was fed to them. Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon encouraged the agents and staffs with words of wisdom from the bible. The exercises given to the participants were incorporated with spiritual wisdom also.

team-workIt was indeed a successful team building activity for RPM Realty and HPCC. They did not only have a great time in the resort’s amenities, they also learned a lot from the challenges given. The exercises given have definitely improved the team’s cooperation with one another. It has built a better camaraderie and good relationship among the team. The team has become more united. With this kind of team, the company will surely grow and prosper. Kudos to everyone who have contributed to the success of the activity! To the facilitators, we commend you for your challenging exercises. It definitely taught the participants a lot of things. Let’s continue to huddle up for greater success!


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