Italpinas Inc: A night of glam

primavera-annual-sales-awardAs a booming and blooming city, Cagayan de Oro has been a hub of many property developers. With this, realty firms are spreading around the city. And because there are a lot of realty firms in the city, greater amount of sales are contributed to the developers. Being a property developer, meeting sales and quotas at the end of the year is not new anymore. When developers are able to meet their quotas, they will then tally it and see the results of their sales.

Annually, each developer in this city would conduct an event that would invite realty firms and recognize their sale performance. One of the developers that had its annual sales recognition was Italpinas Inc. The said sales recognition was held last January 30 at Pryce Plaza Hotel. It was themed as glam night where in the brokers and salespersons attended the party flaunting off their outfits. The ladies wore their long gowns and cocktail dresses while the gentlemen were in their suits and tie.

primavera-annual-sales-recognitionIn the program, Italpinas Inc. awarded those realties who have performed well in 2013. They have recognized and given perks to those who have great contribution to the growing sales of Primavera Residences. Congratulations to all the 2013 top sellers of Primavera Residences. It was a great event and the attendees definitely had fun. We look forward to another event of Italpinas Inc. Cheers to you guys!


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