MCDC: On their way to the top

Ecoverde Homes of Malate Construction and Development CorporationCagayan de Oro city is on the verge on an economic upshot thanks to its residential construction industry. Over a span of a few years, the Southern city located in northern Mindanao has seen quite a hefty increase in housing projects. With this sudden influx of residential construction, the city is on the cusp of economic outbreak. More jobs are being offered and more businesses especially the construction industry begin to thrive.

One of the most promising residential construction company is the Malate Construction Development Corportaion. Late last year, they have launched the Ecoverde Homes at Alae, Manolo Fortich wherein the housing project is just the first of the many projects in line for the city. The Malate Construction Development Corporation or the MCDC has been one of the major players in relocation and reconstruction projects in Luzon. And now, they have brought their expertise in the business down south.

Ecoverde-Homes-Manolo-FortichMCDC has been working in the area and investing a lot of time and finances to enriching the infrastructure in the city. Some of the past projects from the company include warehouses and residential subdivisions. One of which is the Fatima Subdivision and now, they have started with the Ecoverde Homes.

With the breakthrough brought by the Malate Construction and Development Corporation, more and more construction firms will most likely take their time to invest in Cagayan de Oro and nearby areas in the years to come. Will this be the important step towards the increase in the construction industry in the area? It sure is.


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