Negosyan-Tech Seminar

Dell-IntelThe world is so much different now than before. There are a lot of developments and changes that can be seen in this world that we’re living in. And one factor that greatly contributed in this rapid change is technology.

Technology has affected our society and its surrounding in a number of ways. It has helped economies to develop faster. With these gadgets and other equipment, life has been easier. People can work and communicate well; make hassle-free transactions as well.

Computer technology, for one is a big help for the society. In the business world, this is a vital tool for the workers in a company. With the use of computers, businessmen can transact important matters faster; closing deals has made easy as well. Using of electronic mails and video calls, the communication to companies that are from other countries has been easier. There are a lot of things that can be done with computers; for students, it is used for their projects and homework. For those who are into online business; online selling and shopping are also trending nowadays. Online jobs are in demand as well. Indeed, computer technology has contributed much to the world’s rapid progress.

The computer technology wouldn’t have this kind of development without these innovative contributors. There are lots of computer corporations that have greatly affected the immense change of our world’s economy. And to name a few of the renowned companies; Dell and Intel is on the list.

Dell-Inc.Dell Inc. as we all know is a multinational computer technology corporation that develops, sells and supports computers and related products and services. And it is one of the largest technological corporations in the world. On the other hand, Intel Corporation is a multinational semiconductor chip maker corporation and is also one of the worlds largest and highest valued chip maker.

And just last July 12, 2012 at Mallberry Suites Hotel, we were honored to be invited in a lunch and learn session that is powered by Dell and Intel. The said seminar was participated by the techies, yuppies, young entrepreneurs and businessmen of Cagayan de Oro City. We were privileged to meet in person the people who were working behind this amazing company; namely Mr. Wowie and Mr. Gerry Tecson. It is such a pleasure for us to hear what Dell and Intel has in store for us.

Intel-DellIn the seminar, the Intel Negosyan-tech made sure that they will provide us with technology solutions that can open up more business connections and bigger opportunities for us. They have shared to us technology solutions; empowering the Negosyantechs with the comprehensive, relevant fusion of hardware, software and connectivity implements. Also, the advantages it would bring for networking and investment options. They also proudly introduced to us a new Filipino made application that would surely be useful to the Negosyantechs. This certain application which they call the Kasosyo Apps Suite is really helpful in making I.T. easy for your business.

The world is definitely developing faster. Life indeed has been easier with all of these technologies. So, to all the computer corporations, thank you for creating such great products. To Dell and Intel, thank you for being a part of this society’s progress. We are looking forward for new awesome inventions and products; and for the continuity of our society’s advancement.


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