Product Knowledge Seminar: Tuscania

Tuscania-PKSTuscania CDO conducted another Product Knowledge Seminar last July 26, 2012 at their clubhouse. And it was participated by the brokers and salespersons from different realty firms. The PKS was led by Ms. Liberty Quinones wherein she discussed to us the different products that they are offering. She also shared to us other updates and developments of the subdivision.

This seminar is of great help to those newly hired agents as it could serve as a tool in selling Tuscania properties. It would give them more knowledge about the product that they are selling and thus, will be able to close a deal right away; mainly because they have mastered the product and shared true facts and information regarding the property.

We were glad to have been able to attend the seminar because of the updates that they have disclosed to all of us. They have come up with a very exciting promo that prospect buyers, brokers and agents wouldn’t miss it for the world. The details of this promo will be posted soonish. So, just watch out!


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