Uptown CDO: What’s New?

Cagayan de Oro City, a city that is in bloom and in boom. Just like a flower bud that is slowly blooming, Cagayan de Oro City gradually continues to grow beautifully and abundantly. The on-going developments and upcoming projects are contributory factors to the city’s booming disposition. With the developments in downtown CDO, it’s an everyday hustle and bustle experience for all Kagay-anons living downtown. And this hustle and bustle feels is now experiencing here in uptown CDO. It’s an indicator that the city does not solely concentrate in developing downtown area of CDO but is also moving upward.

As downtown CDO progresses, uptown CDO is also progressing because of the developers and investors that has chosen to expand their projects and businesses in the uptown area. So, what’s new in uptown CDO? JVC’s latest subdivision project, Montierra is on its full swing development. Italpinas has also started working on the first two buildings of their project called Primavera City. Newest developer in town, Creative Hotel Concepts, Inc. or CHCI is set to develop its very first project here in CDO – Pontefino Estates. Aside from subdivisions and condominiums, hospitals are also set to rise. Two hospitals are yet to be established in uptown CDO; St. Francis Doctor’s Hospital and Medical Center that will be located along Masterson’s Avenue, Pueblo de Oro and Cagayan de Oro International Hospital that will be built somewhere in Lumbia. Various cafes, diners and convenience stores have also popped out in uptown CDO. New branches of The Backyard Grill and Pan-Chic Pancit & Chicken can be found in Uptown Condotel. Two 7/11 convenience store branches can also be found in uptown CDO located at Pueblo Business Park and Masterson Avenue respectively. Uptowners and downtowners can now visit the newly opened resto bars and diners such as Gracia’s diner, De Kalsada and R Kelly. Another visible development that we can see is Xavier University’s upcoming Sports Complex. These are just some of the few developments in uptown CDO. There are still a lot of upcoming projects that hasn’t been mentioned but it’ll be disclosed soon enough.

The City of Golden Friendship is definitely booming as it continues to live up to its slogan ‘Tsada Kagay-an!’. Its progress and developments continues to attract expats and even local tourists. CDO’s rapid growth in real estate development has made the city a hub of businesses for investors and developers. Whether in downtown or uptown CDO, both areas are worth to visit.


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